The Lord led Ernest and Doris Soady to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to the needy of Latin America. In 1961 Evangelistic Missionary Crusades was founded. At the age of 50, Ernest felt the Lord speaking to him, telling him to go to Honduras. Ernest followed the Lord's call, and once in Honduras, he saw the dire needs of many destitute children. The Lord touched Ernest's heart, leading him to open a home for these dear children. Half-way around the world in England, Josie Bullock (a midwife) received a vision stirring her heart to care for children in Latin America.

So, in 1969, after much prayer and many miracles, a team consisting of Ernest and Doris Soady with son, Ken, Richard Blake together with Josie Bullock and friend Averill Hopwell, drove to Honduras. A home for homeless children was opened (which at the time was just a small apartment). Thus, the beginning of “La Finca De Los Niños.”

Our original four little babies soon turned into a much larger number, and as we outgrew our small apartment, the Lord provided a new home for us.  La Finca de Los Niños is now located in Valle de Angeles, which is 20 miles up the mountain from Tegucigalpa. Since 1969, almost one thousand children at La Finca de Los Niños have been rescued from destitution, depravity, and even death, through God's miraculous provision.

Co-Directors of La Finca De Los Niños in Honduras

Alonso & Michele Gomez

Founders & Owners of EMC

Pastor Ernest & Doris Soady

Secretary Treasurer

Linda Soady Kellstorm


Evangelistic Missionary Crusades Inc. is an organization founded by Pastor Soady and his wife under the guidance of the Lord and demonstration of the Lord's great concern for the homeless and needy children of Honduras. 



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